May 24, 2023

8 Best Flood Lights in 2023: Shop Our Top Picks

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Talk about a bright idea!

Though Mother Nature provides a radiant glow during the daytime, you'll need to find another way to illuminate your outdoor space once the sun sets. Tiki torches and garden lanterns might pack on the ambiance, and Dark Sky-certified lights may make a great eco-friendly choice, but if you want to maximize your shine, you simply can't go wrong with the best flood lights on the market. Known for providing bright, broad light over a certain area, flood lights are often seen at sports stadiums and in alleyways—but they also deserve a spot in your home. Usually placed near an entryway, a garage door, or an exterior wall, flood lights brighten the way as you take out the trash or get home after a late night. (And in less ideal scenarios? Floodlights can deter potential intruders and can even provide more visibility should your property be impacted by a natural disaster .)

Overall, you never know when a set of flood lights can simplify your day-to-night routine, so you don't want to procrastinate on adding them to your cart. To help, we're breaking down everything you need to know about buying flood lights and the very best styles that can illuminate your space—pun intended.

We also chatted with lighting expert and executive at Corso Marketing Group Scott Cochran, who recently worked on the fixtures at this year's Heineken House at Coachella. When choosing the lights, he kept in mind if the pieces are weatherproof, durable, and complemented the architecture of the surrounding area. "The structure was inspired by the architecture found throughout the Palm Springs area with the cantilevered slanted roof line, while the tiered approach takes on a more important purpose," he told House Beautiful. "Heineken House features a tiered floor system, emulating a sunken living room. In this design, everyone has an exceptional view of the stage since they are above everyone else who is standing on the lower tiers."

"In every instance, light fixture selection is driven by the environment in which it is being used," Cochran added. "Whether it's an outdoor festival or a home, outdoor flood lights experience a wide range of temperatures, particulates, and moisture, so extremely durable IP-rated (waterproof) fixtures are mandatory. Even if it's not moisture from rain, it's critical that the lighting fixtures are not impacted by water."

Additionally, you should prioritize your glow. Not only is it essential to think about a light's lumens—higher wattage typically equals brighter bulbs—but you'll also want to consider the size of your setup. (A dual flood light is suitable for smaller spaces, but options with three or more light heads will provide more coverage.) As for the bulbs themselves? While you might see a few flood lights with incandescent options, most brands use LED alternatives because they are more energy efficient and last longer. Once you figure out exactly what you're looking for in the light itself, think about any special features that will enhance your property. With an assortment of solar-powered, motion-sensorsed, and camera-enabled products, there's bound to be a flood light that works nicely with your needs.

So, where to begin the search? We got you covered. We scanned the web for the best flood lights, taking reviews as well as wattage, design, and special features into consideration. Now onto the good stuff!

If you're looking for a flood light option that ticks off all of the boxes—and then some—Onforu has a little bit of everything. A whopping 55-watt LED lights that shine ultra-bright? Check. Three light heads that maximize coverage? Of course. A cool motion-sensor feature so you will never have to walk in the dark? Absolutely.

Of course, there's more to this flood light than its laundry list of special features. Not only is Onforu's option easy to install, but it's also water and dust-resistant so it can withstand the elements. And with three colorways to choose from, you're bound to find an option that pairs nicely with your home.

Flood lights might take your property to the next level, but you don't have to spend a small fortune on them. To get the best bang for your buck, check out this set from Lithonia Lighting. This option may not be packed with all the bells and whistles, but they get the job done for a fair, affordable price. The metal frame is rust and weather-resistant, so they'll hold up nicely during the ever-changing forecast. This option may only have two incandescent lights, but you can tilt and turn each one so your property is illuminated to your liking.

Since leaving your flood lights on all night long can be an eyesore—literally—you might want to look into an option that only turns on when you need it to. That's what's so great about Lepower's Security Lights. A special motion sensor will detect anything up to 72 feet away and turn it on to help you light the way. (This special feature is great when you're coming home from a late night out, but it can also scare nighttime creatures from crawling into your digs.)

There's also a special optical filter lens to help your flood lights shine even brighter—all while saving more than 80 percent of your electricity bill compared to a typical halogen bulb.

Sustainable shoppers will find a lot to love about Mihani's Flood Lights—and for good reason. The magic lies in its built-in lithium batteries and solar panel, which the company says is two to three times larger than its competitors' offerings. With a conversion rate of 20.5 percent, this set of flood lights will turn the day's sun rays into an ultra-bright light in the evening.

Solar power might place a lot of emphasis on those waking hours, but this option delivers after hours, too. Mihani uses its built-in motion-sensor technology to detect movement within 30 feet. That way, you'll never have to worry about walking in the dark.

If you live on a sprawling property, a flood light with a lone bulb will not cover much ground. That's exactly why you might want to pick up Lepower's Security Light. Unlike most options—which have a limited glow—this pick boasts a trio of light heads so you can provide consistent light to a large area of land. (Even better? The three heads are adjustable, which means it's possible to tilt and turn your light to illuminate your property just right.)

But while you might gravitate toward Lepower's Security Light for its generous coverage, you'll be happy to hear that it's also built to last. Not only is the powder-coated metal water-resistant, but it's also incredibly easy to set up and available in three versatile hues.

In case you didn't get the memo, a flood light has more to offer than an illuminated path to your garage or front door: It can also deter animal or porch pirates from lurking on your property in the first place! However, if you want to beef up your home's security, Ring's Flood Light Cam Wired Plus is a great place to start.

In addition to a pair of ultra-bright lights, this setup comes with a stealth camera that can keep tabs on your home even when you're not around. (You can create your very own motion zones and receive a notification if there's activity detected outside of your door and window.) Or, if you want to check in on your home for some peace of mind, you can always click over to the accompanying Ring app for live footage.

Just because flood lights serve a practical purpose doesn't mean you can't have fun with your setup. If you're looking to bring a little more sparkle into your outdoor situation, try Melpo's Flood Light. This single LED light has an accompanying app where you can adjust the brightness, flicker, and color. (You may not want red or green lights year-round, but it could be a fun addition during Christmas. In fact, Melpo's flood light can even be paired with music, so you can play a few festive songs on a loop.)

Speaking of the app, the brand's user-friendly platform makes it possible to establish a customized schedule so your home will never lose its shine.

Calling all design-minded dwellers: If you're looking for a well-appointed option to enhance your home's curb appeal, this option from Nicor Lighting is a no-brainer. Made with two cylinder cans, this flood light hits that sweet spot between form and function. You can even swivel the light heads so you can adjust the glow to suit your preferences. To sweeten an already stylish offer, Nicor Lighting's fixture is available in two finishes and has water-resistant construction.

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