Jul 19, 2023

Cheap & easy backyard upgrades that will save you so much money

You’ll be surprised where the savings come from.

You may think that's it's seriously overwhelming — and expensive — to keep up with all of the things that you need to spruce up your backyard and keep everyone cool and entertained during the nice weather months. But that isn't true. There are actually ways to make your yard work for you.

That's exactly why this list exists — to help you out with some cheap and easy backyard upgrades that will legitimately save you so much money on everything from food to entertainment. Don't believe me? Start scrolling.

These garden garden lights have a chic patterned design that will instantly make your outdoor space feel landscaped and expensive. You can stick them in the ground with two adjustable heights or take the stakes off and sit them on your patio space. They’re also solar-powered and waterproof, so you won't have to add to your electricity bill or think about upkeep with these LED lights.

This GMO-free herb garden seed pack is such an easy way to replace all of those wilted herbs hanging out in your fridge that you re-buy every single week. It comes with 12 different types of heirloom seeds, so you’re sure to find all of the ones you use in all of your favorite recipes, like cilantro, parsley, thyme, and more. Of course, you also get a guidebook for growing and saving all of your new herbs.

You won't have to toss out food after your backyard parties or weeknight dinners on your patio if you grab these mesh food covers. They’ll keep all of the bugs and leaves out of the dish you spent time (and money) on. They’re reinforced with sturdy clips and metal poles, and they even come with a carrying case to take them to the park.

Not only will this 246-gallon compost compost bin save you money on fertilizer and potting mix, but it's also seriously easy to pop in your garden and move around. You simply wrap the extra-durable and ventilated plastic into a cylinder, lock it with the included clips, and start composting. The entire setup takes mere minutes.

Spritz this fabric spray all over your outdoor sofa, umbrella, grill cover, and any other patio piece you love, so you won't have to spend a bunch and replace them anytime soon. It will protect them from fading in the sun and getting all grimy in the rain or snow. This odorless spray also makes your furniture stain-resistant, which is why is has over 17,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Instead of buying citronella candles that burn out way too quickly, grab these bug-repellent citronella incense sticks that last for up to three hours. They’re less noticeable than smelly bug spray — in fact, they have lemongrass and rosemary essential oils for a soothing scent. You also only need one of these DEET-free sticks about every 12-feet on your patio, so you won't have to use a ton.

Not only are these aerating shoes a super budget-friendly gardening tool upfront, but you can also completely avoid paying a bunch of money for a lawn aerating service. You simply clip them onto your go-to gardening shoes with the adjustable and sturdy metal buckles. Meanwhile, the durable plastic base with aerating stakes will take care of your yard while you just walk around.

You can hang this protective cover above your bird feeder or mount it below, so you can stop squirrels from eating all of your pricey bird feed — no matter how your bird feeder is set up. It's also sun-resistant and even weather-resistant to avoid moldy and super grimy bird feed.

Swap the pest control bill for this budget-friendly insect spray to take care of any bugs in your lawn or even your garden. You won't even need to research what kind of bugs are ruining your yard because you pair this spray with your gardening hose, and it will get rid of 235 types of bugs, including common pests like mosquitos, ticks, ants, and spiders.

This little bag of wildflower mix packs in 50,000 seeds, so you will definitely be able to cover all of your garden beds with one budget-friendly bag. You can skip the expensive packs of pre-grown wildflowers at the store, and you won't have to re-buy these perennial seeds every year because the happy blend of daisies, poppies, and more will keep coming back. Plus, every flower in this pack will attract butterflies and bees to help out your garden.

This super compact power washer attachment completely replaces a super expensive power-washing service because it comes with five different high-pressure nozzles. You’ll easily find a nozzle for whatever you need to clean, like foggy window screens, sidewalks, decks, and more. The bottom has a hose adapter that's so quick to put on, too.

You won't need to restock the candle lighters around your home every few months if you keep this compact and USB-rechargeable lighter around. It has a sleek metallic finish that looks chic in your drawer or even stored with your grilling supplies. Plus, if you are using it for grilling, the electric design is completely windproof, and the goosneck bends so you don't have to get too close to any flames.

These motion-sensor lights have a solar panel on top, so you won't have to worry about your security lights adding to your power bill (or hiding a cord). Each weatherproof LED light comes with four seriously bright panels on the front that are easy to adjust to cover all of your unique outdoor space.

This UV-resistant grill cover has a seriously durable rip-proof design, so you can protect your grill for years to come. It also comes with adjustable straps on each side to tighten the weatherproof fabric around your grill on extra-windy or stormy days.

You won't have to swap out wilted and sad-looking plants on your deck with pricey replacements all of the time if you keep them watered with these self-watering terracotta stakes, which work for about five days at a time. Not only will this pack help out your houseplant budget, but they also have an adorable mushroom design to add some whimsy to your potted plants.

It's worth adding this bat house to your yard, just like a birdhouse, because bats will keep annoying bugs away from your outdoor space (especially mosquitos). This large, double-chamber bat-roosting-friendly house is made of weatherproof cedar wood, so it will last for a while in your yard (and look nice to boot).

This digital meat thermometer has a 500-foot Bluetooth range, so you can stick the long probes in steaks on grill and go right back inside to prep your sides. How? Simply set the temperature you want on the app and choose from 24 alarms to let you know just before your dish is ready. Plus, it comes with protective cases for the probes to add to how long-lasting this thermometer is.

This outlet timer with two outlets is perfect for those trendy outdoor string lights or the chic lamp next to your outdoor sofa because you can set times so it will turn them off for you after backyard parties. It's waterproof and comes with a protective cover, so it will still take care of the lights when it's raining.

This little brass grill scraper can actually save you from replacing your grill brushes after only a few uses. The heavy-duty design has four different slots to perfectly fit around grill grates and take care of all of the gross gunk. Plus, it has hanging supplies that let you keep it right by your grill, so you won't lose it.

This concentrated repellent spray is such an easy way to save money with your landscaping because you won't have deer and rabbits snacking on all those pricey bushes and roses you planted. It starts working right when you spritz it on your plants, and it's even rain-resistant to even keep shrubs and greenery protected after storms.

You can easily pop all of your nice outdoor sofa cushions and trendy patio throw pillows inside of this protective and weather-resistant resin box before it rains. The wood-finish design even has a spot for a padlock if you want to put cushions or decor inside before you travel. Plus, it's durable enough to work as an extra seat next to all of your outdoor furniture.

This moisture meter works in your garden and for all of your houseplants, so you can keep all of those flowers, greenery, and even fruits and veggies happy and the soil properly moistened. You simply stick it in the soil every once in a while to make sure they’re not under- or even over-watered. Thankfully, the box has a handy guide on it to tell you what plants need what level of soil.

With this retractable (and super minimalistic) clothesline, you’ll never be tempted to throw that expensive shirt in the dryer. Simply stick the two compact pieces on opposite walls, pull the stainless steel line across, and hang up to 40 pounds of your pricey pieces up to dry. Not only will your clothes last longer and smell like sunshine, you’ll save a fortune on electricity bills.

Classic wine glasses are so annoying because they frequently break when you wash them, but these stemless glasses are made of unbreakable and sleek stainless steel. The shatterproof and insulated material is especially good for serving chilled wine at outdoor parties. They’re even dent-resistant, in case you drop one of these dishwasher-safe glasses.

These waterproof and super pretty fairy lights will add a ton of trendy lighting to your outdoor space — but their solar panel design won't add to your power bill. Each one is made of dainty copper wire that's covered in even daintier LEDs with eight light modes, including twinkling and fading. It's so easy to stick the solar panels in the grass or a plant pot so as not to distract from the look of your fun new lighting.

This pack of seeds comes with all of the fruits and veggies that you usually grab at the grocery store, including lettuces, tomatoes, beans, melons, and peppers. Simply follow the growing and seed-saving instructions, and you can grab ingredients for your dishes from your garden instead of buying them. Plus, the durable bag is moisture-resistant to keep each one of these 3,000 seeds fresh.

This compact charcoal starter with a built-in handle is completely reusable, so you can stop re-purchasing liquid grill starters that run out way too fast. The durable aluminized steel design works in about 20 minutes, and it makes it easy to pour the lit coals right into the grill.

These plant labels are made of super durable bamboo with a sturdy stake on the bottom, so they’ll stay put in your garden (which means you won't have to replace them all the time). Add watering instructions to the labels to ensure you’re keeping up-to-date with best practices for each particular plant. When you’re ready to pick veggies and plant something else, you can simply flip these reversible labels over and jot down the new plant.

These waterproof pillow covers are the easiest way to save money with outdoor furniture because they keep your comfy throw pillows dry, grime-free, and even dust-free, which is why they have a 4.5-star rating on Amazon after 13,000 reviews. You can even add them to the wash after a rainstorm if you really want to keep these breathable zip-on covers looking nice and fresh.

This reusable weeding tool will save a ton on those pricey sprays or power from electric weeders. The 110-year old design has a long bamboo handle with a sturdy four-claw grabber at the bottom to quickly grab and pull up those annoying weeds anytime you spot one.

This insulated cooler with a water drain is such an easy way to save money when you throw a backyard party because your apps, snacks, and cocktails won't go bad in the sun. In fact, will keep ice cold inside for up to four days in 90-degree weather, so you know it can take care of that charcuterie tray. Best yet, has handles to carry it into the yard, so you can easily take it from the kitchen to the deck.

This budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker will be your go-to because it's completely waterproof, so you won't have to worry about it if it rains (or if the sprinklers come on). It recharges with the solar panel on top for up to 15 hours of background music, so you won't have to search for an outdoor outlet halfway through your barbecue.

You won't need to buy a ton of different landscaping tools if you keep these super versatile hand rakes around. The scoop design is perfect for grabbing leaves, digging up plants, or adding mulch or compost in the garden. Their sturdy plastic design has built-in handles and guards to help out your wrists while you work in the yard.

Spritz on this pest- and disease-controlling neem oil spray to save the fruits and veggies in your garden, so you won't have to spend extra money at the grocery store. The organic formula is even gentle enough to mist the flowers and delicate greenery in your landscaping, all while getting rid of aphids, powdery mildew, and more.

This adorable and durable ring toss will save you from spending way too much money at the bar just to play some games. Instead of going out, mount this surfboard-shaped board to your porch, hang the ring, and get ready to play at backyard parties while drinking a cold one.

Not only is this decorative pot perfect for tucking away and hiding that annoying garden hose, but it also protects it when you aren't watering your flowers, so you won't have to replace it all the time. In addition to protecting your yard, this pot comes with a basket-like texture to make it look nice and tidy in your yard.

With this wine cooler, you can be sure that all of the white wine or bubbles you bought for your backyard party won't go to waste — and you don't even need ice. The double-wall insulated bucket is surprisingly budget-friendly, and your guests will definitely reach for the perfectly chilled wine from your fridge. Plus, the sleek stainless steel finish is also sweat-proof.

Instead of paying to completely re-do slippery outdoor stairs, grab this super easy-to-use tape with a grippy texture to add a bunch of traction. The weather-proof design will stick right to your concrete patio, wooden porch stairs, or whatever other surface your outdoor steps are, all while providing much-needed grip.

This durable rock-shaped yard decoration is way cheaper than buying real stone for your landscaping vision. The resin piece has a granite-like finish that will blend right in with your flowers and greenery. Plus, this landscaping decor piece is perfect for hiding and adding some protection to things like sprinkler pieces or outlets.

Connect this mist stand to your garden hose, and you instantly have a cooling mist to keep everyone cool at backyard parties without spending money on pricey umbrellas. It has a super bendy design, so you can twist it and prop it up at the perfect angle for a cooling moment. It also comes with an optional flower-shaped misting head that's adorable for barbecues.