Apr 01, 2023

Sobé Decor opens its doors to the city of pearls with a breathtaking flagship store at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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06 Jun, 2023, 11:44 IST

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One of the biggest names in the Indian interior décor industry, Sobé Decor brings the finest of international collections from the best brands under one roof and warmly welcomes the people of Hyderabad to its regal new space located in the most prime spot in town.

HYDERABAD, India, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A pioneer of curating the top global brands of kitchenware, tableware and other décor accessories for one's home – SOBE started off as an import business that paved the way for international biggies like Noritake and Bugatti to explore the Indian market. Over the last few years, with a growing base of loyal customers and a market that is always hungry for unique and remarkable craftsmanship, the brand grew into a luxury house serving only the exceptional to its customers.

The stores in Chennai and Bangalore are an enormous hit and have the country raving about their superior collection of products and brands that cast a spell on every visitor. The growing demand and a thriving online presence via their website and other e-commerce platforms is what set the ball rolling with the founder Nivedita. She dreams of revolutionizing the Indian décor scene with her unstoppable vision of not just curating but also creating luxury with SOBEs OEM line. The Hyderabad store is an off shoot of that same dream. With three stores already under the brands belt – Hyderabadis usher in the new age of interior decoration with SOBEs imposing new presence in town.

The store owner Malvika wanted to create an impressive and unforgettable experience with the store launch where invitees received rare porcelain plates. These were sent along with a kit to help the guests customize, create and colour their unique bespoke design using paints – many of which were displayed at the glittering launch and have become a part of the interiors. The elegant evening marked the opening of the store where sumptuous finger foods and table etiquette and table set up experience with fine conversation created an unforgettable ambience. The interiors of the store are a class act, carefully crafted to suit the opulence that is displayed within its walls – a mix of royalty with comfort echoes through the interior with impressive arches and mood lighting. As the brand name stands for SOphisticated and BEspoke – so are the interiors of the store a reflection of the same.

"I'm excited to show the Hyderabadi interior enthusiasts a world of luxury that they have never experienced before – the Hyderabad market is known for its purchasing power and it is time we bring them a space like SOBE," quips Nivedita as she gears up to set the ball rolling. "Luxury retail in Hyderabad is a thriving space and I'm looking forward to an enriching learning experience as SOBE starts its journey here," adds Malavika. The quiet luxury and elegant space is an incomparable haven of beauty and luxury staffed with the most informed and helpful employees ready to aid their informed customers with their expertise. SOBEs Hyderabad store marks an epoch in the interior industry in not just the city but in India with its unmatched reputation and going by the overwhelming response the opening has received. Nivedita and Malavika eagerly await the town experiencing the magic of SOBE – the first of its kind interior décor store will change the perception of luxury for its customers with its impressive range of authentic products sourced globally.

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