Mar 14, 2023

Top 10 products to create the perfect bedroom for you

Our bedroom is our haven, our safe space, to which we rush after a bad day at work, or simply a bad day in general! I love cozying up in my bed, snacking, and watching some Netflix, with my favorite PJs on! So, making my bedroom as comfortable as possible is a major priority for me. And one way of doing this is by filling it up with innovative designs, that just help make our lives easier and more comfortable. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of products that work perfectly for your bedroom! From a lamp that gives your room a dreamlike atmosphere to a bedside lamp that released fragrance without you having to light it – these designs will add a whole lot of value to your bedroom, and make it whole. You won't feel like leaving your bedroom at all, once these products enter it.

Meet the Seiko Mai, a scaled-up version of the Japanese watchmaker's famed SKX dive-watch collection. Designed, instead, as a tabletop clock, the Mai has an aesthetic that isn't easy to miss.

It's pretty impressively true to its inspiration and comes with the numbered bezel sitting against the clock's minimalist body. The bezel doesn't rotate, but the clock DOES come with a night feature that mimics the original, and an alarm function that can be toggled from the back, and snoozed on days when you just want those 5 more minutes in bed.

It's not difficult to deduce the inspiration for this work of art that's also meant to be a design for an actual lamp. Many of us would have had fond memories of blowing bubbles through circular devices, sometimes screaming in glee as each ephemeral sphere floated and then popped. There is something otherworldly about bubbles as they display the different colors of the rainbow on their translucent surfaces

It is this emotion that the Air-Shape concept design tries to capture in an almost ethereal manner. It's as if the bubble is frozen in time, stuck at the moment of its birth when it wavers and trembles against gentle winds until it takes its final spherical shape.

Part sunset lamp (or rather, spotlight), and part incense burner, Brume casts a glow of light against your wall, while the smoke from the incense sticks helps create fog-like wispy patterns against the light, and simultaneously fills your room with a pleasant aroma to make you forget the world around you.

The beauty of the Brume is its multisensory nature. It's a lamp but more than just that. Designed to fill your room with ambient light while also helping you escape reality, the Brume does a wonderful job of being greater than the sum of its parts.

Designed by Parisian studio AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture, these innovative mirrors feature transparent two-toned glass frames that cast out a stunning colorful halo on its surroundings.

The mirrors are mounted through a unique hanging system, allowing them to sit at a slight distance from the wall, which enables light to pass through the stained-colored glass, projecting the colors on the wall the mirror is mounted on.

Meet the Retro Candle Lamp, a nifty, vintage-inspired lamp designed for your bedside table. Not only does it do the obvious job of lighting up your area with soft, ambient light, but its unique design also comes with an empty platform in which you can place scented candles.

The warmth from the lamp helps activate the fragrance molecules in the candle, making it emit its sweet smell without needing to light it and potentially risk having an open flame right by your bedside!

Designed by Daniel Garcia Sanchez for Woodendot, the Alada folding desk is a nifty space-saving desk that doubles up as a super cute decorative shelf. Within seconds you can transform the Alada desk into a display shelf that can hold your favorite souvenirs from picture frames to even potted little plants.

Sanchez designed the Alada desk, as he witnessed an ever-growing need for smart and flexible desk designs for working at home. Since work from home is a pretty common norm nowadays, it's important to have a transformative and space-saving workspace at home – one that can be neatly tucked away when your workday ends!

The Drift Gaming Bed is created specifically for those who would rather spend the entire day playing games in bed instead of going out to smell the roses or something.

The bed has a built-in 43-inch screen TV with a 4K display at the foot of your bed that you can put away when you feel like sleeping. The bed also has other "features" that are still part of the dream scenario for gamers and video bingers. The headboard is the space to put all your remote controls, consoles, and headsets. There are even some USB ports on the sides if you need to connect or charge your smartphone and other devices.

To elevate the pleasure of reading to a state when a book itself is the source of light, BOOF deserves a mention! Shaped like a house, the reading lamp basically comes on a metallic disk, but the fun is added when you put a book on top of its roof. BOOF, the lamp lights up, embodying the appearance of a house lit during the night.

The subtle light on the window and the ground floor of the house light up when the book is placed on top. Here, the triangular roof serves as a natural bookmark for the book you place on it. The light is soft and inspiring which will allow you to focus on the handwriting you’re flipping through in the pitch-dark ambiance of your room.

Snagging the coveted Red Dot Design Concept Award in the Best of Best category, the +CLOCK is an automatic pill organizer and dispenser that functions like a clock but distributes pills at the time set by the user.

The +CLOCK isn't merely a clock. It's more of a habit-building device that also happens to tell the time, hence the name +CLOCK for the fact that it's also a clock. The gizmo sits on any bedside table and comes with an appearance comparable to the Tmall Genie Queen smart mirror. Underneath its large clock face sits a carousel featuring 28 slots for daily meds.

MAGEPAN is a concept for a small box that frees that socket from limitations. It's small enough to pack inside your bag or even stashed in your pocket. And while it was designed specifically with the bedside socket in mind, its design lends itself well to other purposes.

In a nutshell, it's a magnetic wireless charger whose body plugs directly into a power socket, removing the middle man of a long cord. While that might not make sense in normal cases where such sockets are far away, hotel rooms are filled with such facilities that don't get used that much because of their location.

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