May 08, 2023

If Tom and Shiv Split Up, Who Keeps Those Outdoor Lamps?

By Tyler Chin

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In the end, they really did kill each other. After Tom's scorpion paperweight gag gift to Shiv didn't land the way he intended, the two had a massive fight at their election eve "tailgate party." Succession's most troubled couple seemed to be on the mend in the series' final season, and last night they finally cleared the air—but not in a good way. She made fun of his dowdy upbringing and Midwestern family; he insulted her aptitude as a future mother and her failure to win daddy's approval before his death.

While the pair moved to the balcony to air their grievances, they were on full display for their guests, who could easily identify their aggressive body language, even if they couldn't make out the exact nature of the vitriol. It didn't help that: 1) their fight played out directly in front of their body-length windows, and 2) that they were perfectly illuminated by an assemblage of Flos’ mushroom-shaped lamps.

Tom and Shiv's triplex is fitted with multiple balconies, each of which is kitted out with bar tables, adorned with one of many Flos Bellhops. Released in 2018 and created by British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the Bellhop is a portable candle-like LED lamp with four-step dimmer for setting the mood. In the case of Tom and Shiv's war of words, it set the mood for what could've been a Tony-winning play about a marriage on the brinks.

The Bellhop, which draws its name from the twee little hats its namesakes used to wear, offers up to 24 hours of bright light. Had Tom not been so knackered over whether he'd survive the GoJo deal, the Bellhop would’ve surely pulled through all the way to election night. Those Flos lamps might be second fiddle to the drama that occurred between the Wambsgans-Roy Terrible Twosome, but hey, we're just wondering who's going to get them in the divorce.