Jan 05, 2024

Is 'Bed Rotting' Really a Form of Self

How do you unwind after a long day? With a long, luxurious bubble bath? Perhaps some guided meditation and breathwork? Or maybe, like Gen-Z, you're all about bed rotting. (Yes, you read that correctly: Bed. Rotting.) Though its name might sound a little...well, gross, bed rotting isn't as bleak as it seems. It all started when TikToker G0bra77 posted a video with the caption, "Who tf actually likes rotting away in bed." The zinger: She quickly pointed to herself. Though G0bra77 posted the video back in 2022, it's finally gone viral, and the internet could not agree more.

"I feel my purpose in this life is to rot in [different] places," one follower wrote. "My bed, hotel bed, beach sand, hammock etc. I was made to lay and rot." Meanwhile, this commenter is ready to normalize bed rotting by saying, "I wish it was acceptable to tell [people] this is my hobby." Another kept it simple: "It's a lifestyle."

Yes, that's exactly how TikTok is viewing bed rotting. It's not "lazy," it's self-care. It's a way to recharge—whether you spend your bed rotting session watching television, reading a book, or catching some zzz's. In fact, some TikTokers are getting a little cheeky by sharing videos of their bed rotting outfits or making their beds before their inevitable lounge-fest.

As cozy as bed rotting might seem, sleep pros encourage people to err on the side of caution: Sleeping and laying in bed too much can often be a sign of depression and other mood disorders. While a lazy Sunday morning in bed is seemingly no big deal, you might want to consider consulting a medical professional if you find yourself bed rotting a lot.

Despite what experts say, it seems like some avid fans are ready to rot for good. As one Twitter user wrote, "Rotting in bed since I woke up who's doing it like me?"

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