Jan 16, 2024

Tech Review

With the dark evenings approaching and of course the dark mornings depending on your hours of work or should you need to do something on your laptop or PC you will need some light and for some that is a preference and others you may be in their way or keep them awake but there is solutions out there and this is another one from our friends over at Quntis which offers the right amount of light in your own personal space which is also good on your eyes which is of course important.

With the Quntis LED desk lamp and some smarts it has a touch panel where you can control the light settings which has 4 colour modes and stepless and 5 brightness modes so there is something for all here and a common enough set-up with such lights these days at home, there is brighter alternatives out there however bad for your eyes but this offers the perfect amount of light and does not harm your eyes or give you glare.

The set-up is easy, you just clamp it on to the back or your desk in my case with the clamp and the thickness level is generous here in comparison others I have tried and tested and it works well with my new electric desk that can be raised or lowered at the flick of a button and this does not get in the way either nor does its power option which is tucked into the frame which is good and does not have a protruding cable plug in end.

The top half of the lamp is super flexible which is great and can be moved into many positions however the one thing I would have liked would be an adjustable shaft to raise on lower but the point of this is how the gooseneck as they call it works and to be fair it is flexible this seems to be aimed at those with bigger screen sbut suits my needs perfectly fine too apart from the height adjustment but again I can get done what needs doing without straining my eyes.

If you are working from home or even in an office perhaps this is one to check out and save your peepers in the long run, I have been testing this several days now and can notice the difference from using alternative options and I am not a fan of the standard lights being on and this suits me quite well in a corner of the house where it bothers nobody else either which is important for some.



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