Mar 17, 2023

This LED Corner Floor Lamp won't take up space nor budget, now only $60

TL;DR: This minimalist LED floor lamp is the perfect addition to any corner of your house with its special multi-color effects and sophisticated style. 1 lamp: $59.97 (reg. $149.99); 2 lamps: $114.97 (reg. $299.99); 4 lamps: $229.97 (reg. $699.99) on sale until May 21.

If you like your décor clean and simple, with a lot of style and a touch of elegance, then we have the perfect piece to light up your room without dominating your space. This minimalist floor lamp speaks volumes yet you will barely know it's there.

Whether you’re looking to make the most of your square footage, or just love this lamp for what it is—an illuminating accessory that is sure to be the topic of conversation the next time company arrives—you’ll appreciate not only its high level of sophistication but also its low price.

So what makes this lamp so special? It can shuffle through an unbelievable 16 million colors and over 300 multi-color effects to create the perfect ambiance to suit your mood, all operated through the included remote control. Soft-white, integrated LEDs (beyond lasting longer and using less energy) help to create customized lighting effects. It's coated with a quality metal finish to add extra luster and weighted down with a rubber bottom to ensure it stays in place.

Given that this minimalist floor lamp would look great in the corner of any room of your home—the living room, the bedroom, the den, really anywhere you could use a little extra light and mood enhancement (along with perhaps some tone-setting music)—we might suggest that you pick up more than one. Luckily for you, we’re adding an extra discount when you buy two, and further savings if you buy four. And if you think that you really don't need that many lamps in your house, keep one or two for yourself, then give the others away as gifts. After seeing how beautiful they are in your home, any friend would love to be the proud recipient of a lamp of their own.

Ready to light up your life? There is no coupon required to take advantage of these prices before May 21:

Prices subject to change