Apr 21, 2023

47 Sympathy Gift Ideas for Anyone in Your Life Who Is Grieving a Loss

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Losing a family member, friend, or beloved pet can be a devastating time in a person's life. Watching someone you care about go through that type of loss can be difficult to witness. Not only can you sometimes feel helpless when it comes to aiding the bereaved in navigating their pain, but it can be hard to find a meaningful way to show your loved one just how much you care about what they’re going through. That's why many so many people turn to sympathy gifts when it comes time to help someone who's experienced a loss.

Condolence gifts come in all forms and offer many different types of comfort. Sometimes people are looking to show it physically, like by gifting a plush blanket; emotionally, like with a commemorative item that they can keep forever as a reminder of the person or pet they’ve lost; or even spiritually, perhaps by including a Bible verse for grief in the sympathy card.

Since everyone grieves differently, there are a variety ways to show your sympathy during this difficult time. If you’re struggling with how to pick the right gift for someone going through the unimaginable, you should take comfort in knowing that sometimes just being there is the best gift of all.

If your loved one is religious, they may appreciate this angel candle holder. It has a peaceful vibe to it, with the angel praying and watching over the burning light.

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Angel Figurine Tealight Candle Holder


Since so many mourners are sent flowers, a vase makes a great alternative gift as well. Not only is this glass vase attractive, it also carries a sweet message about lasting memories.

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Memorial Flower Vase With Sympathy Verse


During the grief process, it's normal to have down days. But these little notes could help lift someone back up. They carry nice messages that will bring a smile to one's face and encourage them to keep going. As one reviewer said, "The notes themselves are cute, sincerely thought-provoking and become a daily hug...with each note read."

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Gift Jar With Sympathy Messages


Maybe someone recently lost the cook in their lives, which makes this the perfect gift. The cutting board can be inscribed with a personalized recipe from grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, or anyone else. Though the person they love is gone, their memory will live on through the food they shared.

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Personalized Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board


Perhaps you know someone who lost a father. This wooden plaque carries with it a sweet prayer for a child who is missing their dad. Choose from 2 different sizes.

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Prayer Wood Plaque


A meaningful gift tree given to someone who is grieving is a nice reminder that after loss, there can still be life. With every purchase, you'll receive a packed evergreen tree seedling, care instructions, and a special message that you can customize. A memory tag is included that reads: "In memory of your loved one. Plant with love."

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Plant With Love Memorial Tree


Small, sturdy and special, this bench (which looks like concrete, but is made of resin) is a great gift for someone who is mourning. The gift recipient can put this outside and enjoy it both day and night thanks to the solar powered lights that will keep it illuminated after the sun goes down.

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LED Outdoor Garden Memorial Bench


For a friend or colleague who is grieving, this beautiful potted orchid is a thoughtful gift. Nicknamed the beginner orchid, this popular variety is one of the easiest orchids to grow as a houseplant, which is definitely a plus.

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Petite White Orchid


Every time these memorial wind chimes motion with a soothing tone, your gift recipient can remember their lost loved one. While its wood parts are made from pinewood, its tubes are made of anodized aluminum that's also resistant to corrosion. Securely packaged in an elegant box and including a Letter From Heaven Sympathy Card (that's blank inside waiting for your special message), this item makes for a long-lasting gift.

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Sympathy Wind Chimes for Loss of a Loved One


When the holidays roll around, they can honor their loved one by hanging this ornament from the Christmas tree. It comes in a red velvet gift bag and hangs from a silk ribbon. The quote, "Your wings were ready but my heart was not," is validating for how one might feel, and sometimes that's comfort enough.

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'Your Wings Were Ready But My Heart Was Not' Ornament


The notion behind this piggy bank is that any pennies you find randomly throughout the day are little gifts from your late loved ones. Now you can collect the coins in one special place.

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Pennies from Heaven Wood Piggy Bank


How about a tree that one doesn't have to water at all? This decorative wooden plaque featuring a beautiful saying is a great memorial they can display at home. It reads: "A limb has fallen from the family tree. I keep hearing a voice that says, Grieve not for me. Remember the best times, the laughter, the song, the good life I lived while I was strong."

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Memorial Tree Decor


A great way to remember someone who has passed is with a personalized star map that depicts the night sky on the day they were born. A celebration of life, this unique condolence gift can also be personalized further. Choose the background color, shape, font, text and name, date, location, and whether or not to coordinates. Once you have your customizations in mind, pick from a number of different sizes in either an unframed print, or a white, black, brown, or natural frame.

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Custom Star Map Memorial Gift


There's a reason why people say losing a loved one can feel like you're missing a limb. This LED shadowbox perfectly captures that immense feeling of loss. The beautiful light up box also features a cardinal, which many people see as a symbol that a loved one is visiting them, serving as a reminder that the people we've lost are never really that far from us.

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Memorial Shadow Box


Warm the heart and light the darkness with a memorial lantern for someone special experiencing the loss of a loved one. Choose from white and rustic wood color options. The flame-free lantern comes with a battery-powered, flameless LED candle with an automatic timer.

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Memorial Lantern


Many believe that amethyst has healing properties. Whether that's true or not, this pretty bracelet will be a reminder to anyone grieving that they're loved and cherished by the person who gave the gift to them.

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Amethyst Bead Bracelet


Butterflies symbolize hope, rebirth, and transformation. After losing someone as significant as a mother, this butterfly necklace will help the child who's grieving to remember that there is hope in life, still. And for those who believe in some form of an afterlife, the butterfly can represent the next great adventure that their mother is on.

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Butterfly Remembrance Necklace


This dainty bracelet is customized from a note in someone's handwriting. It's a great way to memorialize a sweet message from a lost loved one.

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Custom Handwriting Bracelet


What's more meaningful than a necklace featuring the fingerprint of a lost loved one? A great way to memorialize military members or anyone else, this one-of-a-kind necklace comes in a variety of finishes and can be personalized with an image of actual handwriting in addition to fingerprints.

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Fingerprint Heart Necklace


These gold or silver necklaces can be personalized with a photo, so it's kind of like a locket, except the picture is viewable all the time. It'll mean a lot to the recipient to be able to display their loved one's photo in this way.

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Photo Necklace


This grief deck, which was created to help process grief at one's own pace, comes with 45 prompts and 7 wishes. As the back of the box reads, anyone who is mourning can "keep this deck close for hard days and sleepless nights, when you worry about forgetting but remembering hurts too much."

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Sitting With Sadness Grief Deck


Grieving can feel isolating, especially when you've experienced a loss that nobody else you know has yet to go through. That's why Janine Kwoh's book makes an excellent companion for those who are still suffering from their loss.

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'Welcome to the Grief Club: Because You Don't Have to Go Through It Alone'


This kit offers mourners steps for navigating their grief, no matter where they may be in the process of understanding their loss. Comprised of 60 illustrated cards, this kid is a thoughtful way to help address grief while also showing how much you care.

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The Grief Deck: Rituals, Meditations, and Tools for Moving Through Loss


Help the grieving friend or family member in your life with this book. It contains inspiring daily meditations to help grant comfort encourage resilience. There's no cure for grief, but these words can certainly lend some aid.

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'Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations For Working Through Grief'


The author of this book shared their own grief journey in the hope that it would help others struggling with similar feelings. Each page is meant to make people feel less alone in their mourning.

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'Things I've Learned About Loss'


Grief can come in different forms. This illustrated deck of cards will help your loved one navigate and process their grief and healing. The cards feature insights and suggestions on honoring lost loved ones, resources to tap into when needed, and even actions to keep going every step of the way.

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'The Grief Companion: A Supportive Guide to Navigating Grief'


Losing a beloved pet can be gut-wrenching, and a special piece to display on a shelf or bedside table helps keep your fur baby's memory alive. This gift, which is made of beech and walnut wood, features a dog and his or her human together as a puzzle with two pieces, along with a meaningful quote. There are six different designs to choose from, any of which will make for a lovely sentimental decoration in any room of a home.

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Wooden Carving Dog Memorial Gift for Women


We love this sympathy gift because it's personalized and offers a beautiful way to honor a beloved pet. Though their dog or cat has crossed the rainbow bridge, this custom pendant featuring the pet's name and portrait can be worn in memory. Choose from gold, rose gold, and silver. You'll need to provide the late pet's photo and name, and can also opt for gift wrapping with a personal message on the card.

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Personalized Pet Portrait Necklace


Pregnancy loss can be a painful and devastating experience for many families. This handmade necklace make a great gift for a bereaved mom. Not only does it show them that you care but it also allows them to have a tangible memory of the baby they never had a chance to hold.

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Handmade Pregnancy Loss Necklace


Send along a hug in a box with this sympathy gift set. The thoughtful pairing of a citrus lotus blossom-scented candle and a beautiful live succulent will help keep the memory of their loved one alive.

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Forever Remembered Bliss Garden Gift Set


Flowers are a classic sympathy gift, and white flowers especially are often used to symbolize mourning. This pretty bouquet will brighten the day of your grieving loved one. When it arrives at their door, they'll be glad to know you were thinking of them.

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Heartfelt Memory Rose Plant


This memorial set will stay around long after any flowers or food gifts, meaning that your condolences will continue to offer hope and inspiration day after day. This set can be purchased together or as just the cross and can be used indoors and outdoors.

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Someone You Love Memory Cross With Candle


In addition to your love and support, you can help wrap your friend in a compassion blanket like this one. Soft and cozy, this one can be draped over a couch or chair and used as a tote blanket. Its sweet messages of strength, courage and warm hugs will comfort your loved one when they need it most, even if you can't be there in person.

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Compassion Blanket


This unique sympathy gift — beautifully packed and set in a box with a thoughtful message — comes with four colorful hearts made of hand-carved glass. With each heart representing one of the four seasons of the year, the recipient can cherish moments from each long after a loved one is gone.

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Hand Carved Stone Reminders for Each Passing Season


We sometimes forget that kids mourn, too. This companion stuffed bunny is a good choice to give a child who's also in mourning. Big enough to hug and soft enough to comfort, this jumbo-sized stuffed animal features soft ears and a sweet message on its foot.

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Benjamin Bunny Stuffed Animal


Give someone a cup of love, whenever they need it most. This mug features the sweet quote: "This mug is a hug from me to you." The simple gesture tells your loved one who is suffering that you're always there to support them.

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Mug With Quote


Offer your thoughts and prayers up to a grieving friend or family member by sending them the gift of comfort. This Wine Country gift basket has plenty of snacks for them to put out when surprise visitors stop by and offers a tasty treat for when they want to reach for something sweet.

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Sympathy Gift Basket


There's a reason that people bring over casseroles when someone dies — often their bereaved family members can't find the time or energy to cook. Now, you can send a comforting meal right to a grieving person's door with this pork and chicken mini pot pie dish.

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Pork and Chicken Mini Pot Pies


Send a sweet treat to someone in need. This gift basket comes jam-packed with all kinds of gourmet cookies and treats, including chocolate covered pretzels, sugar cookies with icing, chocolate chip cookies, and more.

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Sympathy Gift Tower


Tea can warm the heart and the soul. This set includes a ceramic mug, cozy white socks, lemon ginger tea, cinnamon sticks, and a mini honey jar which are all intended to serve as a hug in a cup.

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Tea Gift Box


A 17-piece gift basket which has something edible for everyone in the family is just what to bring to the funeral or leave on the counter during moments of loss. Chocolates, fruits, nuts and preserved fruits will provide sustenance and comfort.

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With Sympathy Orchard Delight Fruit and Gourmet Gift Basket


When people are mourning, they may not have the capacity to plan a meal for their family. Consider sending the gift of a meal delivery plan like the one provided by Sunbasket. You can send an e-gift card and let the mourner choose their own menu or create one yourself and set it up for delivery. Best of all, with this gift you can choose the amount of money you want to spend.

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Help your friend or family member to take some time for themselves with this gorgeous coloring book that celebrates women and nature. In addition to intricate art to color in, they'll find haiku, reflections, and prompts to encourage self-compassion, intention, and healing.

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'Women + Patterns + Plants: A Self-Care Coloring Book'


This candle offers a sweet message and a calming scent to help people deal with their grief using aromatherapy. Calming lavender, soothing chamomile, and comforting quartz are all included in the mix, producing a wonderful smell.

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Thinking of You Candle


This journal will help your loved one fill out pages about the person they lost, from words that describe them to happy memories they shared. Sometimes the best way to grieve is to remember the good times, and this notebook will let them do just that.

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Guided Grief Journal


If grief is hitting extra hard, getting cozy in a pair of fuzzy socks, lighting a candle, and snuggling under a blanket may help some. This box contains all that and more — including a tumbler with the encouraging phrase, "Life is tough, but so are you."

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Care Package Box


After losing someone, it can be hard to focus on yourself at all. This "mental wealth" box will help those struggling to re-center and focus on some self-care. Grief is tough, and they deserve a bit of a break when they need it.

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Self-Care Subscription Box


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