Apr 24, 2023

18 Dollar Tree must

One shopper has discovered 18 Dollar Tree deals starting at $1.25, and they will create the perfect summer party kit.

Dollar Tree offers groceries, household items, and even some house décor with prices starting at just $1.25.

This makes it a go-to spot for shoppers to find cheap deals and unlock massive savings, especially as inflation remains sky high on the majority of products at other stores.

Savvy shopper Maddi (@PeachyyMaddi) on TikTok routinely spotlights the top products you’ll find at your local store.

This week, she took to the platform to show off her favorite finds at the Dollar Tree, and a large majority of them will come in handy for the summer months ahead.

In her latest video for her "Boujee on a Budget" series, Maddi found an adorable glass cup with a lemon tree design priced for just $1.25.

"First of all, it's lemon season," Maddi said as she looked at a whole display of lemon cups, plates and bowls.

"This makes me so happy," she said to her 470,000 plus followers.

Next up were some more summery supplies for your kitchen.

"They have some very elegant finds for summer," Maddi said as she admired a golden bee-themed vase.

Some other $1.25 finds included ceramic incense holders and a minimalist flowery hair drawing you could use as new home decor this season.

"These are my favorite incense holders, and this is my favorite taper candle holder," Maddi said.

But that's not where the deals end.

"They have some beautiful other options too," Maddi said, looking through colorful vases perfect for holding some flowers during your next summer gathering.

One piece of home décor truly captivated Maddi's attention due to its humorous message: "Welcome. The wifi password is _____."

"I love this wifi sign for when guests come over," she said. "You can just have the password out."

Other top home decor finds were banners with the words "Home" and "Love."

Maddi said that no matter the season, Dollar Tree is always a good spot to find glassware, as she passed through an aisle of cups and glasses of all sizes.

There was also a whole section designated for wine glasses, all for the set price of $1.25.

"Then for storage, they had a lot of options," Maddi said.

There were pink and gray storage containers alongside baskets that could double as a small trash can.

Plus, for cleaning supplies, Dollar Tree had what Maddi is calling the "Choose Your Character" setup.

"You start with the stick and add on whatever attachments you want," the TikToker shared of the sweeping and mopping supplies on display.

Dollar Tree was also offering a mason jar with featured measurements so you can keep track of how much of any ingredient you have left.

When Maddi left that section, she found even more goodies.

"These cutting boards always come in handy, and so do these strainers," Maddi said.

More seasonal finds included potted flowers and Fourth of July themed solar stake lights.

Altogether, Maddi was incredibly impressed by the store's summer selection.

"Dollar Tree, you’re doing a great job for summer," Maddi said. "Boujee on a budget approved."

While Dollar Tree is generally one of the cheaper stores you can shop at, there's some unsettling news ahead for fans of the bargain retailer.

Dollar Tree's chief financial officer has warned higher prices might be on the way as the chain deals with record high inflation.

Stores have also been dealing with a surge of retail theft, making the higher prices more necessary than in years past.

The retailer intends to "improve our performance on shrink through defensive merchandising efforts, real estate optimization, and perhaps higher prices to compensate for areas of systematically higher shrink," the company's chief financial officer Jeff Davis said in a recent earnings call.

The store already face fierce backlash when it increased its base price point from $1 to $1.25 in 2021 after 35 years of charging customers just one dollar.

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