Oct 22, 2023

Father's Day Gift Guide: Items That Are Perfect for the Home or Office

Wondering how to shop for Dad? Here's a list of 18 items to honor him on his special day.

Clockwise, from lower left: Lee Broom crescent table lamp; Esterbrook Estie Petrified Forest fountain pen; Baccarat Harmonie square whiskey decanter; Vitra Compas Direction desk by Jean Prouvé; and Balmuda Kettle.

Photos courtesy of the companies.

David Graver

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When a functional object is as artful as it is useful, it can be considered in the realm of high design, an echelon of items that defy trends and are often crafted to last longer than one generation. Many family members find it challenging to think of a meaningful gift to give dad. Although they often come with bigger price tags, high-design gifts have the potential to influence a parent's world for years to come—making them lasting options for Father's Day.

The items in this guide feature great design in furniture, decor, accessories and appliances. This guide contains all of the above—from geometric lamps that provide more than wattage to architectural desks that deliver intangibles along with organizational space, plus many other items that contribute to the visual language of a home, office or even an outfit. These are statement-making pieces for daring dads. Anyone who loves good design or just appreciates aesthetics will find that these items aim to please in perpetuity.