Oct 20, 2023

It's the Summer of Portable Table Lamps

Mood lighting you can take, well, anywhere.

Published May 26, 2023 1:00 PM

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Perhaps you’ve spotted these cord-free cuties in the back garden of a favorite restaurant, that moody cocktail lounge around the corner, or your coolest friend's impeccably decorated patio. Portable table lamps are seemingly everywhere lately—which makes sense for a light that's designed to go anywhere you do. Unlike candles that burn down or blow out, these LED-equipped vessels offer a reliably rechargeable glow that will outlast the longest of alfresco festivities. If you, too, are tempted by the cozy glow cast by portable table lamps, consider our top picks for setting the summer scene. As an added bonus, many of our chosen favorites work just as well sitting on a nightstand or nestled into a bookshelf as they do illuminating the open night air.

Summer is all about embracing color and having fun, and that's exactly what these punchy picks bring out. They leave their pretension at the door, so they won't feel too precious to be tossed into your beach bag. Plus this one doubles as a vase.

While each of these lamps is outdoor-friendly, it's pretty easy to imagine them coexisting with your indoor decor. Not to mention that, in certain spots around the house like a coffee table or floating shelf, a cord is the last thing you want to see. And when you’re hanging outdoors after the sun's down, you’re all set.

Outdoor-friendly portable table lamps aren't a new thing—we’ve been using lanterns for decades. But we can pretty much guarantee that what you’ll find at a sporting goods store will be less cute than these. Many of them can hang from a tree, which is a laid-back version of a pendant lamp. Balmuda's is dimmable, taking you from moody candlelit to light and bright.