Jul 22, 2023

If you want a nice backyard on a budget, you'll love these cheap, highly rated things on Amazon

Bring indoor style & comfort to your outdoor space.

When carefully tended to, backyards — be they lawns, patios, or balconies — can offer up an enjoyable second space that feels like an extension of your home. And even though yard maintenance may sound daunting, upgrading your outdoor space doesn't have to be expensive.

To help you get your yard looking top-notch on a budget, the below list is bursting with affordable lighting ideas, accent decor, and privacy solutions to help your space look its best. And better yet, they’re all highly rated, too. So go ahead and shop, the great outdoors awaits.

A few fresh plants can really brighten up an outdoor space, and this planter box is the perfect decorative home to put them in. Featuring a classic yet modern angular lattice design, this square planter features a removable bottom panel so you can fill it with soil or place an existing pot inside of it. It stands just over a foot high for a striking effect.

Adding a sun sail is an excellent way to increase both shade and privacy in your yard or patio. Supported by durable stainless steel D-rings, this shade clips to support poles or to the side of your home and can block out 95% of UV rays. It comes available in a range of different dimensions, in both square and rectangular shapes.

For a twist on typical outdoor lighting, consider these outdoor lanterns. Not only are they solar-powered for an eco-friendly option, but they also have an IP44 water resistance level to keep them functioning in rain and snow. The interior chamber is filled with a cluster of charming string LED bulbs, to give them the look of holiday lights fit for everyday use.

If your patio is looking a little dull, spice things up with this reversible outdoor rug. Featuring high-contrast black and white geometric patterns on both sides, this straw rug is both durable and easy to clean. It measures 4-by-6 feet and even comes with a travel bag and stakes to keep the corners firmly in place.

Illuminate your stairs and night and make your space easier to navigate with these step lights. They’re solar powered and have an IP66 waterproof rating ensuring they can stand up to the elements. When fully charged, they can run from 8 to 10 hours and come with all the necessary screws and anchors needed for installation.

To make backyard lounging even more fun, try adding this standing mister to your space. It attaches directly to your hose hookup and features a generous 26.5-foot cord. Four flexible, adjustable hoses deliver a calming mist of water wherever you are and are great for cooling down pets on hot days, too.

If you’re searching for a less traditional take on outdoor seating, this hammock chair is a trendy addition to any space. Made from cotton and rope, this chair suspends from your desired location and can support up to 400 pounds of weight. It has a soft back cushion and even a side pocket for storing items.

Lighting is a practical necessity, but this mosaic table light proves it can be decorative and fun. Covered in colorful glass tiles, this table top lamp is solar-powered, making it easier on the environment and your electric bills. It features an LED bulb, and it's even waterproof, too.

Forget screws, anchors, or wiring, because these garden lights install in your lawn, gravel, or mulch with just the push of a spike. They come six to a pack and are both solar powered and water resistant. Plus, they automatically power on in the evening and off in the morning, making them incredibly simple to use.

Make your yard more inviting for your guests by keeping mosquitos at bay with these repellant sticks. Made from citronella, you burn these sticks like incense for bug control without using DEET. Each stick can burn for up to 3 hours at a time, creating both ambiance and a comfortable environment.

Why settle for typical lighting when you can use this watering can light instead? This watering can comes with a metal shepherd's hook onto which you can hang it to give the illusion of watering plants or grass with a stream of light. It features 50 LED bulbs that are fully rechargeable via solar power, too.

For outdoor dining with more visibility, snag this patio umbrella light. It attaches to the pole of an umbrella support and provides a battery-operated LED glow that can be controlled via remote. You can adjust the brightness or set a timer from up to 50 feet away.

Keep your outdoor furniture and furnishings mold-free with this mildew stain remover you can use on almost anything. Spray it on surfaces ranging from wood, plastic, vinyl, couch cushions, and more to break up mold stains without any tough scrubbing. And, as the name suggests, it's great for boats, too, should your backyard have one of those lying around.

If you store sports gear, lawn equipment, pool supplies, or anything else in a deck box, you’ll want this deck box cover to keep your things safe. Made from a durable polyester material, this cover helps protect against rain and snow, high temperatures, and pests, all of which can damage property. And thanks to the adjustable drawstrings, it's easy to put on, too.

To add a focal point to your backyard, try adding this affordable fire pit that couldn't be easier to use. It features a metal bowl that fits inside a frame with no installation. In fact, the whole thing weighs less than 8 pounds. You’ll be ready for s’mores and bonfires in no time.

If your green thumb often results in brown plants, try these self-watering plant stakes that tend to your plants for you. Simply fill a glass bottle with water, stick the neck into the hollow end of the stake, and then drive the stake into the soil. The terra cotta material of the stake helps to disperse water from the bottle as needed for up to 10 days.

Nurture nature wherever you live with this birdhouse that's so ornate it's more like a bird mansion. Made from cedar wood, this hanging birdhouse has several entry points and areas you can fill with seed, drawing the neighborhood birds to your yard. The price is even more reasonable considering it's handmade, too.

Spice up your yard or patio with this iron side table that makes a statement. Featuring perforations in the metal to display a unique, floral-inspired design, this pedestal table measures a foot and a half high, making it the perfect height next to a chair or lounger. Use it as an end table or even a plant stand.

If you love to entertain outdoors, you need this practical BBQ caddy. Made from durable steel, this caddy has a rod for a roll of paper towels and slots for silverware, condiments, and more, ensuring you have everything you need right at hand. It's beloved by reviewers, too, over 2,000 of whom have weighed in to give it a stellar 4.8-star rating.

Why blend in when you can snag a pair of these waterproof pillow covers that come in tons of bold, vibrant hues? They measure 18 by 18 inches and shield your inserts from water thanks to the coated canvas polyester construction. They also feature a hidden zipper for easy on and off.

Add some mood lighting while listening to your favorite tunes with this LED flame speaker. With multiple LED bulbs flickering in a fire-like pattern, this lamp has a natural-looking glow that comes with a clear sound and powerful base for its size. And because it's Bluetooth-enabled, you can control your music from your phone.

If you want your yard, balcony, or patio to feel more like a private oasis, this artificial ivy fence is sure to delight, especially for those living in densely packed areas. It's made of interlocking panels that don't require tools for assembly, so it's easy to set up. The leaves are fade resistant, too.

This whiskey barrel planter instantly adds charm and nostalgia to a front porch or garden. Although it has an authentic wooden look, it's made of UV-coated plastic that helps it resist sun damage and fading over time. While the classic offering features a 15-inch diameter, they’re also available in sizes ranging from 9 to 20.5 inches.

Get ready to bring wildlife closer than ever before with this hummingbird feeder that uses suction cups to adhere the frame directly to your window. Remove the feeder from the frame to easily refill it in seconds. Plus, thanks to the anti-leak gaskets, you can ensure your nectar will stay where you want it.

If you want to keep dirt and debris away from your drinks, try these beverage holder stakes. Made from durable stainless steel and available in a pack including four bright hues, these stakes spear the ground to provide a stable base for most bottles and cans. While they’ll certainly upgrade your yard, these multitaskers are great for the beach, too.

This inflatable lounger is a great way to add a little extra comfort to any yard. And better yet, it doesn't require any pumps to inflate. It has two compartments to fill with air and comes in a convenient travel case. It can even double as a pool floaty.

Upgrade your outdoor decor with this set of glowing rocks that comes with a whopping 480 pieces, each roughly the size of a quarter. They charge up by sitting in the sun or underneath a lamp and then let off a soothing glow at night. Use them to light up a pathway or just as a conversation piece for outdoor dining.

If you want to enjoy dining al fresco but hate warm beverages, snag this ice bucket. It's made from stainless steel and is double wall-insulted to keep ice colder for longer. Better yet, on top of its bamboo lid it features a curved handle that doubles as a storage slot for the included ice tongs, so you can keep them clean even outdoors.

Ensure your outdoor space is just as well maintained as your indoor space with this wall-mounted broom holder. It feature three spring-loaded hooks for long items like brooms and rakes, and four smaller hooks to hang dust bins and more. It can support up to 50 pounds of weight, too, making it a great option for your heavy outdoor tools.

Get the calmness of gentle wind chimes with the impact of bright, abstract decor with these solar-powered chimes. They appear white during the day but as they soak up the sun they emit a colorful glow in the evening. They come available in many different shapes, too.

If you’re short on space but like being able to expand your seating options when needed, consider this inflatable ottoman. It comes with an air pump to easily fill it up, and folds up flat when not in use. It even includes a zippered, washable cover so you can tackle any outdoor messes in your washing machine.

Don't let ants (or flies, bees, and gnats) ruin your picnic when you can just use these food tents to shield your spread. The set comes with three tents in varying sizes, each made from a breathable, transparent mesh. They sit directly on top of dishes to shield them from the elements and also come with a convenient travel case.

Any space can be improved with a little mood lighting, and these vintage-inspired Edison bulb string lights really bring the ambiance. Giving off a warm white glow, these lights can be connected to multiple strands for an even more dramatic effect. And not only are they dimmable, they’re waterproof, too, so you can be sure they’ll stand up to the elements.

If your outdoor gathering has food and music but you still feel like something's missing, try this ring toss game. It assembles and disassembles in a snap to fit in the including carrying case and comes with five rings in multiple colors and textures for easy team play. It's even scored an impressive 4.5-star rating after over 11,000 reviewers have weighed in.

If you’re looking for yard decor that's a little out of the box, try this charming tortoise statue with floral LED lights on its shell. The lights are solar-powered and will emit a gentle glow after sitting in the sun for 8 hours. And yes, in case you were wondering, they come available in frog, bunny, and garden gnome figurines, too.

No need to spring for a fancy system when this affordable $30 sprinkler timer ensures your yard will be carefully watered. It hooks up to your hose and lets you set your desired watering schedule so you can get hands-free irrigation. It even has an automatic rain function that will delay your next watering after it rains in order to help save water.

Grills are expensive, so help protect yours with this grill cover that suits a variety of grill models. It fits over your grill and features an adhesive strap at the bottom to ensure a secure fit that helps keep water out. And not only is it waterproof, but its UV-protected fabric also helps protect your grill from overheating.

For watering made easy, snag this flat soaker hose. Because it folds flat when not attached to a water source, it's very easy to wind up into a condensed shape for storage. The tiny perforations across the top allow water to seep through and water a garden or lawn with hands-free simplicity.

Hoses can easily devolve into a tangled mess, so get things sorted with this freestanding hose holder that stores hoses up to 150 feet long. Made from durable, rust-resistant metal, this stand stays in place with stakes that you can drive into the ground for support. The rack can either affix to the stand or be mounted on a fence or wall on its own.

For a touch of modern design to light up your home, nab this outdoor wall light that looks way more expensive than it is. With an aluminum outer featuring eye-catching geometric cut-outs, this sconce has an energy-saving LED bulb that gives off a warm light. Plus, it's waterproof, making it a great choice year-round.

Enhance nature's soothing sounds with this wooden and aluminum wind chime. Simply hook the chimes over a stand, fence, tree, or other support and enjoy the gentle music the wind creates. The mahogany color of the plate and pendant offer up a stylish look, too.

Everything you need to set up this charming wood plant stand comes included, even assembly gloves and a wooden mallet. It's fashioned from sturdy eucalyptus and even comes with miniature gardening tools to inspire your green thumb. The stand will support at least eight pots (if not more) at once.

Variety is the spice of life, and if you thought you couldn't get it from a hose spray nozzle, you’d be wrong. Simply depress the trigger and choose from eight different spray patterns, including mist, shower, rinse, and more. Plus it's a fan favorite, with over 5,000 reviewers weighing in to give it a 4.4-star rating.

Stock up on these curtains, which are quite affordable at just $13 per panel, and you can create a private patio oasis of your own. These panels are waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor use, and also offer UV protection while still being breathable. Better yet, they’re machine washable for easy laundering.

If you love to grill but hate the mess, this grill basket is for you. Made from stainless steel, this basket allows you to carefully enclose smaller items like wings and veggies that might otherwise fall through the grates of a grill, ensuring they get the same smoky flavor as larger items. Plus, the handle is removable so you can close the hood of your grill over them.