Jul 24, 2023

I'm a single mum but never find time for DIY

A SINGLE mum has shared how she gave her garden a glow up in just one day with a lick of paint and a Poundland accessory.

Stephanie Vavron, like a lot of mums, struggles to make time for DIY projects while juggling parenthood, a career and a tidy home.

But she recently spent one sunny afternoon overhauling her garden decking and sitting area.

The content creator shared how she did it in a recent TikTok video that other mum's have said "inspired" them to get to work on jazzing up their gardens.

"One of the most challenging things as a single mum is finding time to do things in the house," Stephanie said.

The mum from Scotland revealed she loves undertaking DIY projects, a passion that started when she got her first flat at 18-years-old.

"I was always wallpapering and painting and not shy of a little graft," she recalled.

And as the British summer starts to creep in, she decided to turn her attention to her garden.

"I am sick of brown decking," she said. "I hate it.

"So, I’m about to paint it grey.

"I just want to freshen the garden up, the corner part especially."

With a bit of elbow grease, she painted the entire decking area with Ronseal paint from B&Q.

A 2.5L tub of the hard-wearing paint costs £38.

To further enhance the space, she laid down a large orange and white zig-zag rug on top of the decking.

On her outdoor table, Stephanie placed a solar lamp from Poundland.

"The decking looks banging grey," she concluded. "I absolutely love it.

"Holiday vibes, here we come!"

Other homemakers were in awe of the quick transformation, dubbing it "amazing" and "inspirational".

"Well done, it looks fab!" one gushed. "It's so nice to be sat out in it knowing you did that yourself."

"This is gorgeous," another penned. "Girl power!"